Kastrian Empire


The Kastrian Empire covers much of the Eastern continent, Amn. It is composed of several smaller provinces: Kastra, Upper Felderin, Lower Felderin, the Great Basin, and the Golden Highway. Ruled by a constitutional oligarchy, with the major factions within the empire fighting for competition and power, overseen by King Davos Leontios. This aggressive governmental system, combined with the ruthless capitalistic economic conditions resulted in the global powerhouse that is the modern Kastrian Empire.


The Kastrian Empire is a very old civilization, with the earliest mention of the name dating back to the Second Transcendence. Although it’s original purpose has been lost to the ages, during the Awakening of Vecna in the Third Era, the Kastrian Empire rose to prominence as one of the three major nations to withstand the ever spreading undead plague. The post- Vecna Unification Wars ultimately resulted in the spreading of the Kastrian Empire to absorb Felderin and the Great Basin.

Government & Politics

The ruling body of the Kastrian Empire is quite unique in that it was created to orchestrate an environment where any group can participate in the law-making process, provided they have enough power and support. Given this harsh, ever-shifting environment, there are only two groups who have withstood the test of time and remained a part of the ruling body for longer than a few hundred years at most: The Way and the Unseen. Most recently, Grevil’s Greed, the ever angling Goblin merchant organization has earned itself a seat of power within the oligarchy.

Geography & Climate

The Kastrian Empire covers a quite diverse stretch of landscapes, from the icy mountains of the Northern Daggers to the warm, lush plains of Lower Felderin. The seasonal weather patterns can be felt to some degree within the entirety of the empire, however it is only at the northern regions, above Upper Felderin, that the seasons are clearly noticeable.


A historically aggressive society, the common people of the modern Kastrian Empire are more representative of their homelands than of the Kastrian culture. While the people may have distinct customs from each other, one universal truth is that most everyone within the Kastrian Empire is after something, be it money, power, or something else. This trait is distilled the higher one looks in the hierarchy within the Kastrian governmental system.

The Kastrian condition can be best summed up with the following quote from the late Third Era philosopher Eru Estel:

Those who are able to climb up the ladder will find ways to pull it up after them.


The Kastrian Empire has flourished due to the sheer volume of goods flowing into and out of its ports. Placing heavy emphasis on the production, distribution, and use of manufactured goods, the Kastrian Empire dominates the regional markets with floods of quality products for low prices. The flooding of foreign markets with Kastrian goods has led to increased friction between the Kastrian Empire and Bruskarva, and already tentative relationship set in place during the Unification Wars.

Kastrian Empire

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