Church of Lathander


The religion has no overarching hierarchy from church to church and no central authority to speak of. When issues of doctrine or policy come up that must be decided upon, a conference is called at the church that initially pressed the problem for consideration, and the issue is subsequently resolved. Importance is placed on acting in the service of Lathander by helping, encouraging, and aiding rather than in strict adherence to rituals, rules,and the dictates of superior clergy.


Temples of Lathander face East, in order to face the dawn of horizon. Temples and shrines to Lathander provide aide to adventurers and communities in their area as long as such aide is returned in good faith. Churches do not insist on conversions or withhold aide if people take other gods.

Priests of Lathander dress in bright long-sleeved robes of yellow, red, and pink. A sunburst headpiece, worn toward the back of the head to emulate the rising sun, completes the ceremonial garb.

Holy symbols of Lathander are often made of painted wood, inlaid with rose quartz or similar minerals. Oftentimes the symbol is lightly enchanted to radiate a dim, pink glow.

Religious masses are held daily at dawn. These masses are all joyful, but dignified, and usually involve prayer, song, and ritual drinking of well water touched by the first light of dawn. Holidays occur primarily during Spring, when the days are becoming longer. Other special occasions are on the mornings of the vernal and autumnal equinoxes when the dawn light is used during the baptisms of children and converts.


The Church of Lathander seeks to build anew, to encourage the rebirth of barren areas, to drive out evil wherever it may be, and to restore and lead civilization to the heights of interracial harmony, cooperation, and pursuit of the arts and societal progress. To this end, the Church staves of fiends to nurture civilization, sows seeds to cultivate the lands, and lend aide to adventurers, travelers, traders, and pilgrims as the harbingers of culture. The Church has a particular interest in lost magical items, works of literature, and pieces of art, restoring and building upon these recovered items in the hopes of furthering their cultural goals.

Order of Aster

The Church of Lathander has a knightly order of paladins, crusaders, and fighters known as the Order of Aster. Members of the order protect temples and shrines, lead large militias levied to serve the Church in times of need, and roam the land doing good in Lathander’s thereby promoting his worship as well.

Morninglord’s Creed

“Strive always to aide, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. Perfect thyself, and guard ever against pride, for it is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Be fertile in mind and body. Consider always the consequences of thine actions so that the lease effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Wherever you go, sow seeds of plants, then the growing things you find,and plant seed of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Whenever possible, see each dawn.”


  • “From darkness, comes light.”
  • “There is always a new dawn.”
  • “May the Morninglord’s dawn guide you.”
  • “Lathander’s Light be with you.”
  • “Fear not the darkness, for the light of Lathander cannot be dimmed.”
  • “Whenever possible, see each dawn.”

Church of Lathander

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