Shady Business

Welcome to Kastra!
Session 1

Our intrepid group of adventurers all came to Kastra for various reasons, but all of which could be summed up in two words: shady business.

First Meetings

First to meet were Faen Oakheart, Chief, and Tick at the great gates of Pelor. Taken aback from the giant, anthopormorphic panda bear standing in front of him, Faen was left speechless for a moment. Not soon after, an emaciated monk came up to the group and became enraptured in the conversation, never having met a Pandrian in person before. He introduced himself as Baulk, from Ostonia. After pressing the ever frustrated Faen as to the whereabouts of some shady business, a surge of arcane energies was felt by all. A whirling tornado grew up from the ground between them all and with a swift bolt of lightning and a puff of smoke, a naked, moistened man was standing before them all. After redressing in his neatly folded, freshly laundered (and lavender scented) clothing, the man introduced himself as Tom Bombedeu and in an adrenaline filled bit of nervousness he too asked for the location of some shady business. At this point, Faen was at wits end with these random foreigners barging into his life, demanding for him to direct them to so-called shady business. Sensing this and wanting to get back onto better footing, Tom suggested the group go grab some drinks and make some better introductions.

Upon arriving at one of the Faen’s favorite taverns, “The Still Grain,” the group continued their introductions, elaborating on the finer details of what brought each to the city of Kastra. Upon overhearing the mention of shady business, especially when it surrounded his old friend Faen, the owner of The Grain, Rokelos Slaaf, told the group of some of the rumors circulating the town as of late.

The Guard’s Lighthouse


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