The Still Grain

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“The Still Grain” the Kastrian-renowned location for the consumption of ale, meats, and the latest in city gossip. Constructed twenty years ago, the location has become a melting pot of individuals from different walks of life due to the welcoming, almost disarming, atmosphere set in place by owner/bartender Content Not Found: null.


The Grain, as it’s affectionately called by its various patrons, is a two story building of stone and wooden construction. Located in the center of Old King’s Plaza, just southeast from the Great Cathedral of Pelor, the building itself is rather unassuming at first glance, both inside and out. Lightly decorated, the real focus is given to the odd sorts who call the Grain home.

Upon entry, one is presented with several rows of large, wooden, cafeteria-style tables intended for group drinks, meals, and conversation. To the far left is the bar, where one would be hard-pressed not to see Rokelos serving drinks, prepping food, and cleaning glasses. To the right, the long tables end before a small staircase down to a stone-floored area of round tables which extends further back and to the left, butting against the staircase taking one to the second floor.

Far in the back, away from the door, is a sort-of multipurpose room intended for larger gatherings or storage in times of harvest. Lately, the room has been turned into a fighters’ ring where townsfolk can go for a chance to win coin and glory by demonstrating their strength.

Ascending the staircase to the second floor one sees a long hallway stretching to the left with several rooms to the right and left, available to the occasional traveler or overly drunk to have a night off the streets. Rokelos does his best to ensure his guests are comfortable, ensuring clean bedding, fresh fruits, and clean rooms. To the right of the staircase is Rokelos’ room, although from the word around town no one has ever been in the Grain when Rokelos was not behind the bar.

The Still Grain

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