The home of the reclusive race of Pandrians, Gulladuff is a very small village of no more than fifty total residents. While not an entirely Pandrian village, one would be hard pressed to find many foreigners within the wooden split-rail fences surrounding the plots of wheat and crops. The residents are quite independent of the surrounding world, which gives the entire village a sort of timelessness that causes each day to feel substantial in its own way.

Recently more travelers coming from the Wayward Path in the Wraith Marsh have been stopping to rest at the local inn and tavern before heading to the larger cities in the North.


Gulladuff is located very near to the Machapuchare mountain range, just above Wraith Marsh, in Lower Felderin. Due to the elevation, the climate is far cooler than that of the plains, but still maintained at a fairly consistent temperature that permits a long growing season. Bamboo, a favorite treat of Pandrians, grows aplenty in the dense forests that surround Gulladuff.


Always a polite, yet distanced race, Pandrians welcome small groups of worn-out travelers into their village. Larger or well-armed groups tend to frighten the peaceful Pandrians, leading to less welcome receptions. Pandrians exist in a state of equilibrium with the world around them; they do not seek nor ask for more than Gulladuff and the surrounding forests can provide them. Thus they do not look too kindly on those who neglect to acknowledge that which is provided by the world around them.


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