Great Cathedral of Pelor

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path.

— Knight Jeora DeLuth


The eternal home to The Way, the Greath Cathedral of Pelor is centrally located within the Religious Sector, with well-constructed routes to the Noble District, seaside docks, and the Golden Gates.


Carved from the most brilliant of fine marble, the stark white steeples and arches stretch well past 200 feet in the air. The entire structure appears to shimmer ever so lightly with divine presence. The elongated clear paned-glass windows surround the entirety of the structure focusing an incredible amount of light within the nave.

Approaching the Cathedral from Old King’s Plaza along one of the larger streets, the first notable features are the immense white-rock walls stretching fifty feet up from the side of the street. Walking alongside you are presented with the Gates of Azulia, massive yellow-steel bulkheads.

Great Cathedral of Pelor

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