Baltian Sea

Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.

— Pa’garthan Du’ha, early Third Era Historian


Some say the Baltian Sea was created during the First Transcendence, as the land where each of the newly minted demigods demonstrated their power. Others have suggested the sea was created due to the natural cycles of the material plane, eventually leading to a fracturing of the continents. Whatever the reason for its existence, the Baltian Sea is a massive body of water stretching for several hundred miles and reaching unknown depths throughout.

Much trade and war has been facilitated by the sea throughout the years, most notably during the Unification Wars, where the recently decimated Bruskarva was able to leverage its remaining naval might to resist the political and economic sway of the growing Kastrian Empire. Spanning multiple different climates, from the arid climate offshore from Vana Riik to the eternally humid Venerin to the icy cliffs of the Atlasovan Pass, the Baltian Sea is a staple to the survival and cultures of most every major city.

Baltian Sea

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