Ser Maxwell Impetus III

Whitehand Captian of The Way


Human Male. 30 years old. 6’1" 200 lbs. Muscular.
Clean cut. Shiny armor. Radiant symbol of Pelor emblazoned on his breastplate.
He exudes an aura of Pelor’s divine presence.


The son of Ser Maxwell Impetus II and grandson of Ser Maxwell Impetus I. Due to his impressive success in extending the charity and protection of The Way to cover the Great Basin and most of Upper Felderin, he has become the public face of The Way.

A stoic and righteous paladin, Ser Maxwell has always felt the pressure to live up to his father’s and grandfather’s expectations. However, with the current internal turmoil of The Way, he has fallen into a state of disconcert, fighting off doubt about the organization he so dearly cherishes.

Ser Maxwell Impetus III

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