Knight Dergarre the Gallant

Knight of The Way


Large human ghost. 6’7" 235 lbs. Sharp looks, stoic deep voice, unfriendly.


Once a high ranking knight who sat on the Closed Council within The Way, Knight Dergarre has now been brought from the ethereal plane to reside at the Guard’s Point lighthouse. He spoke of not knowing how he died, but his last memories were of heading to confront Ser Maxwell Impetus I on the recent consolidations in power within the Closed Council and The Way where he felt a sharp pain as he entered the doorway.

Dergarre longs to be released from his current bound existence to ascend and reenter the domain of Pelor. Something from the book used by Maddock brought him here, but as for releasing him each lead has only led to more questions.

Knight Dergarre the Gallant

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