Small, Irritable Gnome


Small gnome, 3 ft tall, 30 pounds.
Overwhelmingly average appearance with few distinguishing features.


A gnome with a temper almost as short as he is, Tick often has trouble getting along with others, with the almost exclusive exception of Chief. Since he has such a weak, frail body, he heavily relies on his Pandrian friend, and can often be found riding in a pouch on Chief’s back, guiding the frequently confused Panda.

While weak and noodley in the arms, Tick has a strong magical abilities and doesn’t hesitate to use those abilities when he gets annoyed, which is fairly often.

Orphaned when he was young, Tick doesn’t have much that he cares about. He has an old music box from his parents, a pet mouse named Tock, and he has Chief. Anything that Tick views as a threat to any of those can expect a quick and violent response from the often too fast to act gnome.


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